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Hello everyone. It is so much different now that my manuscript is complete. It is now more like work. I was never this busy while writing the novel. It didn't seem like work when all I had to do was enter Daniel's world and be with all those characters. Now it is drudgery. I know what people mean now when I read that it takes a lot of work to get a book to market. I am learning a lot about all this and I know that I still haven't scratched the surface concerning what I need to understand. I need a break so I am going to sit back a spell and do the fun part again.


Born on the Pass, October 1950

Jonathan Knight paced the walls of the cabin with his two-year-old son Will in his arms. He was no doctor. He was concerned that his wife, Sara, was having a difficult time these last few hours. A decision had to be made. Although the baby wasn’t due for at least another week, they had planned to drive up to Grangeville three days ago. That was when this unexpected round...


The woman of the people cried out her silent dying prayer high into the heavens, and Eagle awoke from his endless slumber…Coyote grinned!!!


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June 1, 2019

White Bird-Book Two

White Bird is a work of Historical Fiction, set to the background of West Central Idaho during the early stages of US Military escalation into the Vietnam Conflict. The birth of Daniel Knight on the storm ravaged slopes of White Bird Pass during the winter of 1950; presage the re-awakening of the "Great Animal Spirits" of ancient Nez Perce lore...