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Date:May 21, 2019

White Bird-Book Two

White Bird is a work of Historical Fiction, set to the background of West Central Idaho during the early stages of US Military escalation into the Vietnam Conflict. The birth of Daniel Knight on the storm ravaged slopes of White Bird Pass during the winter of 1950; presage the re-awakening of the “Great Animal Spirits” of ancient Nez Perce lore.

Born to a native heritage from a woman of the people, who died in childbirth, and an Anglo-American bloodline from a father, who abandoned him at birth, Daniel comes of age in 1963 unaware of his ties to destiny.

In an event-filled one-year span of time, he must forge lasting bonds of friendship, face unforeseen enemies, and learn the true meaning of “Courage, Honor, and Loyalty to Love.” Tied to destinies path, Daniel will grow from self-imposed solitude into maturity as a leader of men and a warrior in the greatest traditions of his ancient heritage.

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