Among the Nez Perce

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Date:May 21, 2019

Hello reader. This is the site where we get to talk about me, you and the book. As an introduction I want you to know a bit about the proud Nez Perce. I got to know them through research for my novel. I knew I was going to write White Bird before I discovered the profound connection it had to the Nimipu. That is the name they have for themselves. It loosely translates to “People”. They reside in the west central portion of Idaho. Researching the path of migration from the Bering strait, it is apparent that the Nez Perce lived in this area between ten and twenty thousand years. I find that to be awesome.  I was born in a different part of Idaho and my first experience with White Bird Pass was at the age of eight. It stayed with me.

My Book. White Bird Book One is a completed manuscript. It has been accepted by a large publishing company out of NYC. I am exploring the possibility of self-publishing. My personal edit is already very serviceable. I can publish on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and any other on-line format in one day. I am getting some work bids from Graphic Artists for my book cover. The toughest part is going to be marketing. I believe this novel is a great read for those who enjoy historical fiction and Native American Spiritualism. If you made it this far, you are a very good prospect to purchase my novel. 

Much more to come. I need to get on with the business of building this website. See ya later.

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