Historical Fiction

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Date:May 21, 2019

How do you describe a person  as an author. For me at least, I feel that a writer of fiction should,  at the very least, feel like his /her novel is the greatest literary  work ever written. In my research I have found that many self published  authors put out ten or fifteen books a year, relying on faithful readers  to purchase each installment. I am confident that my novel “White Bird”  can stand tall next to any work of historical fiction. I am proud of my  work. It is my fondest hope that, in some ways, I am returning a bit of  magic back into the world. For those who haven’t yet followed me to my  website, I have simplified it a bit. I am doing a weekly newsletter for  those who choose to join my mailing list. It is easy and absolutely  free. If you haven’t yet read my prologue, try it out. Below the  prologue is where you can join my mailing list. Enjoy!!!

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