White Bird. A novel of historical fiction

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Date:May 21, 2019

This is a view of White Bird Canyon, looking down into where the Town of White Bird is located. Population is only ninety-three so it is not a very large town. 

I get it. Not everybody in my circle will be a reader of fiction. We all should, however, be acquainted with others who are. Readers of fiction is a good starting group. If you are a reader of Historical Fiction, White Bird is a good fit. The novel also should appeal to lovers of spiritualism, especially Native American Spiritualism. It has plenty of geographically correct descriptions of west central Idaho. Spiritualism as depicted in my novel can also appeal to fantasy lovers. As the series eventually passes through the mid-twentieth century into tomorrow, it will become very interesting to readers of Science Fiction. Although plans change ( novels DO write themselves a bit), my fourth novel in the series is planned to begin in the era just ahead of us ( about 2025). The subtitle and parts of the script are already in the planning stages for book four in the series (White Bird Book Four: The Ark of the Covenant. 

I am re-reading my novel ( White Bird Book One: Among the Nez Perce) for the edit sent to me by my publishing partner ( Page Publishing) and am really enjoying the story again as a reader, even though I, of course, already know the end. 

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